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Why do I learn a new language?

Travel will be nicer

When you learn a new language, your holidays change completely. You can find the value of mixing with local people and get out of the most touristic routes.

Give your career a boost

Nowadays, is almost inevitable speak at least two languages if you want to find a great job. Candidates with extensive language skills are demanded by all the companies.

You would discover new cultures

Learning a foreign language is not only focused on the memorization of vocabulary and learn the grammar correctly. But also, learn the country culture.

Train your brain

study conducted by the University College of London discovered that people who speak two or more languages suffer less sickness like Alzheimer. Not only we need to train the body, but also we need to train our mind.

Enhance your working life

A study conducted by the University of Chicago showed that learning a new language helps to take better and quicker decisions.

Talk to more people

Language knowledge allows you to open your mind and open yourself up to the world. Therefore, you could interact with more people in your daily life.

We started the on-line Spanish lessons for our 5 and a half years old son a couple of weeks ago. So far it is going great. The lessons are tailored to our son’s subjects of interest so it keeps him very engaged throughout the lesson. Gabriel is a gifted teacher and he is absolutely amazing with children. He has lots of fun and innovative ideas to make the lesson interesting and so far it works! I would highly recommend Gabriel as a teacher and specifically for children

Michal Alfasi Hanley

5 años 

Gabriel is a very professional, easy to get a long with and knowledgeable teacher. His personalised lesson plans has been a good way for me to learn. All of our lessons has been engaging and fun. I can’t recommend him enough if your looking for a Spanish teacher.

Juuli Rautiainen

28 años

So i started learning spanish,because it is easy to learn and it sounds really nice.Gabriel is a great teacher,he will always help you if you have a question,and explain it to you. and by the way,Gabriel prepares interesting lessons based on my hobbies,so it’s not that boring to learn spanish 🙂

Goda Dapšytė

14 años

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